AWSolutions, Inc


AW Solutions proudly collaborates, serves and executes on our client’s projects across the United States and internationally. We work directly with communication carriers, enterprise businesses, OEM’s and professional service companies to provide cost effective and robust solutions in their technology deployments.

Specialized Sector Facilities & Infrastructure:

  • Carrier/Private Networks
  • Public Venues/Stadiums
  • Hospitality/Convention/Office
  • Healthcare/Education
  • Airports/Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Government

You can be assured your coverage and capacity objectives are met while seamlessly providing the highest levels of customer experience and security on all their communication devices during work, leisure or home activities

Carrier/Private Networks

AW Solutions provides the full suite of services to support carrier grade and enterprise grade network deployments. Often, we are deploying systems that either expand the traditional Macro network for coverage in challenging zoning locations or filling coverage gaps or are complementing the Macro network by providing increased capacity or a hybrid of both.

Public Venues/Stadiums

AW Solutions has been engaged on many projects to enhance the wireless coverage and capacity on new and existing facilities. The increased data consumption and transmission from the facilities patron’s mobile devices along with the vastly fluctuating numbers of devices in use has required us to deploy not only robust systems but ones that are scalable to meet growing demands.


AW Solutions has been deploying systems in these facilities to provide enhanced coverage and capacity for cellular and wireless coverage along with public safety coverage for patrons, staff and first responders.


AW Solutions has successfully executed on projects that often require special considerations when deploying systems in these facilities with their stringent environmental restrictions, requirements and working limitations on single and multi-location campuses.


AW Solutions is intimately familiar with working in and around private and public airport, dock, rail, truck and other transportation facilities.


AW Solutions has extensive experience across the nation catering to the unique needs of utility companies and deployments of their communication networks both on and off utility facilities. This may also include infrastructure that supports their Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources Protection Protocols (CIP), (CI/KR).


AW Solutions has the geographic footprint to provide services to national defense and civilian jurisdictions and agencies for your telecommunications infrastructure needs in the most challenging environments.